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An artistic image of Tabasco sauce bottles laid out in different ways to highlight a great article written by What The Food on history of Tabasco

The Fiery History of Tabasco: From Avery Island to Your Kitchen

Because of its spiciness and adaptability, tabasco sauce is a common kitchen ingredient everywhere! But did you know that the rich history of this well-liked hot sauce dates back to 1868?

Fun Facts About Tabasco Sauce | Cheapism.com
Edmund McIlhenny, a former banker who relocated to Avery Island, Louisiana once the Civil War was over, invented tabasco sauce. McIlhenny started experimenting with several pepper types before settling on the tabasco pepper because he thought it had the ideal ratio of heat to flavour. The peppers were ground, and combined with salt, vinegar, and oak barrels for up to three years of ageing. As a result, McIlhenny created the first Tabasco sauce and started selling it to his friends and family.

But Tabasco sauce wasn't well known until McIlhenny sent samples of his sauce to the most important people in society. He even sent some to President Ulysses S. Grant. The sauce is currently made by McIlhenny's descendants and distributed in more than 180 nations. The adaptability of Tabasco sauce is one of its best qualities. It can be used to give everything from scrambled eggs to Bloody Marys a fiery kick. And while it's frequently linked to Cajun and Creole food. For a surprising twist, try adding a few dashes to your next marinade or stir-fry.

However, be aware that a little Tabasco sauce goes a long way! Work your way to the appropriate heat by beginning with a few dashes. One of the hotter Tabasco sauce types, such as the habanero or ghost pepper sauce, is always a choice for the truly courageous.

In summary, Tabasco sauce is more than just a hot sauce; it's a cultural symbol with a fascinating past and a flavour that goes with just about anything. Therefore the journey that tiny pepper sauce had to get to your plate the next time you go for the bottle. And don't be hesitant to try it in your cooking; you could be surprised at how much it can improve the flavour of food.